Home Studio: Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Touch Drawing

The fall semester will beginning on September 6th and our “seminar days” start next week so the majority of my time has been school related: preparing class material, meeting with faculty and students, and hiring some last minute part time faculty. Yesterday we hired a past student, Angela Olson. Angela received her degree from us in Graphic Communications in 2001 or 2002 then went on to Western Michigan University. There she earned her BFA and her MFA in painting –her painting and drawing work is incredible. She accompanied me in 2001 to Ireland. She will be teaching our Colored Pencil class for us this fall.

All of this school related work has kept me away from the studio, but one day after work I stopped at the studio on my way home and took about an hour and a half to start experimenting with “touch drawing”. I inked up my glass plates and started with newsprint but soon found out that I had too much ink on the plate and the newsprint was really too thick of a paper. I switched to tissue paper and through trial and error found the right consistency of ink that let me get the effects I wanted. I look forward to spending more time experimenting with this technique.

Photos to come.


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