Home Studio: Sunday, January 22, 2012

Above is a series of work I call “The Pine Cone’s Story”. I hope to enter this in this year’s KIA Area Show. I have managed to have temporarily misplaced my USB Drive case with all of my USB Drives and my external hard drive and was hoping to transfer this image and one other to my office computer to email them as entries to the show. If fate allows I will find what I need so I will be able to do this. The deadline is tomorrow, January 23rd at 5:00.

On another subject, I have booked my airfare tickets for Amsterdam and looking forward to my travels and studio time on the island of Ameland with my artist friends. This will be the 4th consecutive year I have traveled to The Netherlands to participate in this creative endeavor. This year I have a very clear idea of what I wish to accomplish so I am planning to bring only the art supplies that I will need for what I have in mind. This will help me to “travel light” – which I find a necessity when having to not only travel by air but also travel by train.

I will arrive in Amsterdam on Friday morning, February 24th -then take a train for a 2 hour ride to Leeuwarden. I’ll then walk about a block to Doet Boersma’s Home/Studio/Gallery/School where I will spend the night. Saturday we will meet up with some of the other artists and drive to where a ferry will take us to the island of Ameland. We will meet the rest of the artists there.

Ameland Dunes
Ameland Dunes
Here I am working with traditional media
Our studio space on Ameland

Below is a gallery of images from the group critique of the last evening in Ameland. My pieces are not shown because they were all finished digitally when I returned to my home studio in Kalamazoo.

Two videos of the Ameland 2011 session:

Hannah’s critique on our last night in Ameland

Corinna Drawing at Ameland Studio

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