Home Studio: November 5, 2012

After twelve years leading the Center for New Media at Kalamazoo Valley Community College first as Lead Instructor, then as Program Coordinator and finally as Chair of the Art and New Media program I decided to step down from my administrative role. My last day as Chair of the department was October 19, 2012 –one day before my 58th birthday. I will continue my teaching role at the Center for New Media as tenured faculty.

I am refocusing the time and effort I spent directed to the responsibilities of leading a post secondary academic unit to the creation and marketing of my artwork. I have restructured my days to include more subject related research, time spent out of doors, and work hours in my studio.

I’m still working on getting that continual “academic administrative” chatter out of the majority of my waking thoughts. It had a hold on me for so long. I’m looking forward to the time when it will be completely quieted and I can once again begin to experience creation with an uncluttered mind.

As fate would have it I was scheduled to have a one-person exhibit for the Kalamazoo November Art Hop. This helped me to focus on the artwork and the preparation of the exhibit and away from this major transition in my working existence. The opening reception was two days ago – and that experience helped even more.

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