Ireland Visit 2015

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Wednesday was a wet and rainy day – my mountain was completely covered with the clouds, mist and rain. Not a day to do any walking outside . . .

Continued to work on the bog landscape . . . Continued to work on the bog landscape . . .

It was a good day to stay inside work and read. I continued to work on the bog landscape – I toned the mountain down a bit and painted in the sky. When I was working I was thinking of what it felt like when I visited the bog lands on Sunday. I was there just standing on the the bog landscape with the mountains silently standing beyond. It was very quiet – to me it seemed very patience. There was no bright sunshine to cast shadows -the landscape was surrounded in  ‘soft light’.

Completed (for now)Completed (for now)

I figured that I had walked enough on the this landscape to try to create my own composition. I changed to a vertical format and wanted to incorporate the bog and the mountains. It continues to surprise me that I have to struggle so much with the watercolor painting technique and how much time I take reworking it to obtain what I want to achieve. I’m accepting it as all part of the process . . .

The beginning . . .

 It is a good exercise for me to document my painting process. The photo above shows me that it may have been a good idea to just let the foreground be with the light washes – just to leave it alone. But I went back in to add darker values and may have started to over work the watercolor – but no going back now . . .


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