Ireland Visit 2015

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Start of another watercolor . . .

Start of another watercolor . . .

Again I took up my work space in the dining room in Meadowfield. The day was cool so a good day to work inside. I worked all day – skipping lunch so I decided that I would treat myself to a dinner at L’Arco, Ballyvaughan’s Italian restaurant. I phoned to make a reservation for one. I had a wonderful and tasty dinner of their lasagna .

After dinner I returned to Meadowfield and learned from Michael, that a local woman I knew had passed away this last February. Her name was Helen MacCarthy and it seems she died of a heart attack without any apparent previous health problems. I remember Helen from visits to Greene’s and hearing her lovely voice singing along with Sean Tyrrell.

I ended the evening with a conversation with two of Meadowfield’s guests – two ladies from England. We sat around the fire in the sitting room talking about things like how to made a Yorkshire pudding, the making of the Irish white and black pudding, and why one should only butcher animals during the months that have an “r” in them.



One Comment on “JOURNAL 2015”

  1. Sandy Lambert says:

    Inspiring to watch and hear your creative process. I enjoyed it very much. Thank you.

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