Ireland Visit 2016

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Ben Gorm Mountain on Killary Harbour across from Leenane Hotel

I am currently in my room at the Leenane Hotel in Connemara. I arrived yesterday afternoon on a Connemara Tour bus. I will be here for almost a week – leaving on Monday, September 26 to return to Galway and then back to Ballyvaughan the following day. This week I will be enjoying a quiet restful time of reading, reflection, drawing and painting.

Looking back to last week – two artist friends from The Netherlands arrived on Monday, September 12th to spend a week with me working on a Burren Landscape Immersion Project. Hannah Kockx from Amsterdam and Doet Boersma from Leeuwarden arrived around noon on Monday to start an active and intense week of landscape exploration and artwork creation. This was Hannah’s first visit to Ireland while Doet had visited Ireland at least 3 times before including a 6 week stay as an Artist in Residence at the local Burren College of Art in 2007. The landscape exploration started Monday afternoon with a walk along the Ballyvaughan seaside, along its two piers, the Ballyvaughan Bird Hide and then a drive out for a shoreline exploration of an area known as the Rynne.



 Tuesday, September 13th the exploration continued with a morning walking inland mountain landscape excursion including entering the interior of the mountain at Aillwee Cave.



In the afternoon we explored the limestone pavement of the shoreline of Gleninagh.


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