Art Hop October 2013

It was a beautiful fall evening for our Group Exhibit. We had many visitors and some great comments and conversations AND there were 4 sales! Awesome.

Thank you to the exhibiting artists:

David Jay Spyker, Karen Frenchhall, Honore Lee, Francis Granzotto, Dale Menz, Michael Dunn, Lorrie Abdo, Angela Olson, Mindi Bagnall, Joe Smigiel, Mary Hatch, Brian Menz, Merry Petroski, Justin Bernhardt, Kim Shaw, and Andrew Van Koevering

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Art Hop September 6, 2013

001 HouseArtHop

I started my fall off with a solo exhibit of my work at my studio/gallery last Friday evening, September 6, 2013 during the Art Council of Greater Kalamazoo’s Art Hop. The weather was perfect for an Art Hop night where many artists open there studios and merchants display artists work for the evening. In this post are photos of the artwork I exhibited during this Art Hop evening as well as my artist statement.

Artist Statement

I strive to represent the spirit of the landscape in my artwork; a sense of place. I’m representing my own relationship and communication with the landscape intertwined in a personal mythology. I attempt not to reproduce what I see through my eyes but create a visual representation of what I experience. The artwork visually displays my personal sense of spiritual connection and an invisible and inaudible communication.

I was educated as a fine artist in traditional media for painting and drawing –later when working as a graphic designer and illustrator I became involved with digital media. Some of my current work is created with both traditional and digital media. I label these pieces “mixed media” and list the media in the order of its use in the creation of the artwork. Most often traditional media is used in 90% to 95% of the artwork’s creation.

































Art Hop June  7, 2013

Doet's AmelandDoet Boersma is a Friesian artist who was in Michigan as an artist in residence at Pierce Cedar Creek Institute in Hastings from April through the first week of July. Doet is a good friend of mine –we met while we were both in Ireland at the Burren College of Art. I was there with study abroad students and she was there as an artist in residence. Below is her artist statement for her exhibition at my studio/gallery –Ninth Wave Studio:

White Space 1:2 inch

White Space 1:2 inch

Artist Statement

I am currently working as an Artist in Residence at the Pierce Cedar Creek Institute for 3 months. I live in a cabin located in their nature preserve and paint the beautiful wetlands, woodlands and prairies I live among and see everyday. Besides creating artwork I work with the institute’s visiting groups, helping them with field sketching and plein air painting.  I also work with the institute, itself, to assist in the development of artistic objectives.

During my first few weeks living in the preserve I walked the trails every day. The staff researchers took me to their plots, told me about trees, birds, soil, preservation and their specific research interests. I learned a lot about different aspects of nature. I asked myself ­–how was I going to communicate what I have learned through my artwork?

I started out by making small dry point engravings of birds and plants. My artwork really started flowing when I began to do paintings of the prairies. On my trail walks I was attracted to certain trees. I spent time getting to know the species better and I saw them developing characters. I hope it’s possible to see my joy in getting to know them.

Below are photographs of the artwork exhibited during Doet Boersma’s show at the Ninth Wave Studio on the June 2013 Art Hop.

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IMG_0363  IMG_0364  IMG_0365  IMG_0366  IMG_0367  IMG_0368  IMG_0369  IMG_0371  IMG_0374  IMG_0375  IMG_0376  IMG_0377  IMG_0378  IMG_0384  IMG_0388  IMG_0389  IMG_0390


Leeuwarden, The Netherlands 2013


Newspaper Critique

I participated in a two person exhibit in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands with artist friend Corina Blom. The exhibit was entitled “Trees”. We were fortunate to have two had two newspaper reviews. Below is a translation one of the reviews by Susan van den Berg that appeared in the Leeuwarden Courant on March 22, 2013.

Trees As Patrons

The exhibition “Trees” in It Frysk Skildershus in Leeuwarden shows exactly what the title promises. A lot of trees, but of unprecedented beauty.

The American Linda Rzoska – who wields a fairy like style – names trees as friends of her youth. She speaks timidly about the ‘spiritual connection’ she feels with trees, but she is able to translate this unnameable bond in very authentic images that are as dreamy as they are mysterious.

As a child she used to search refuge in the bark, trunk and branches to escape the world. As an adult (and artist) she still seems to do that, and now she allows us to be witnesses. It makes her part of the exhibit an intimate walk through the forest and a personal acquaintance with different characters, because Rzoska’s trees are guards, patrons and ancient counselors in one.

Totally different is the work of fellow exhibitor Corina Blom from Gorredijk. Trees are approached more like landscapes, or are above all compositional elements that divide an image in vertical pieces. She clearly prefers bare trees and she found her inspiration during her many car rides to or from work (and the other way around), which immediately explains the topographic titles of her paintings. In a few works she is able to show an atmosphere that lifts the whole to a higher plain. But where Rzoska approaches the tree from the inside, Blom mainly shows the outside.

Below are photos taken by the gallery owner, Doet Boersma.












Michigan Artists Competition 2013: Art Center of Battle Creek

A Shy Presence_Blog

“A Shy Presence”  39″ by 54″ Mixed Media: Graphite, Ink Wash, Chalk & Oil Pastel, Colored Pencil, Digital was the Best Of Show award winner at the Art Center of Battle Creek’s Michigan Artists Competition 2013 in Battle Creek, Michigan.

The title was inspired from the writing of the Irish Poet, the late John O’Donohue. O’Donohue wrote that the landscape is “a shy presence” and therefore has been easily manipulated and ruined for human purpose.


Also exhibited was “Transfiguration” 16″ by 12″  Mixed Media: Ink Watercolor, Chalk & Oil Pastel, Digital.

Below are photographs my husband Leszek took of the exhibit.











Carnegie Center for the Arts 2013 Regional Competition


“The Green Man” 37″ by 52″ Mixed Media: Graphite, Dry Point Engraving, Watercolor & Digital was awarded Best of Show in the Carnegie Center for the Arts 2013 Regional Competition in Three Rivers, Michigan.


Also exhibited was “The Story of the Tree in the Garden” 55″ by 43″ Mixed Media: Watercolor, Oil & Chalk Pastel, Calligraphy & Digital Media.

Below are photos that Leszek took of the exhibit.


64217_4699957449372_342839238_n  71880_4699956329344_2075120884_n  75057_4699960609451_1326217083_n  76314_4699954249292_2047364743_n-1  148378_4699954529299_784717296_n-1  263972_4699959729429_1727489458_n  484690_4699961929484_631964351_n  528905_4699955489323_1381606779_n


Art Hop January 6, 2012

Photographs of the artwork exhibited at the Ninth Wave Studio on the January 6th Art Hop. Artists included:

Mary Hatch, Beth Purdy, Linda Rzoska, Doet Boersma, Michael Dunn, Karen French, Mindi Bagnall, Jeff Evergreen, Don VanAuken, Chad LaForce and Angela Olson.

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Art Hop August 3, 2012

Photographs of the artwork exhibited at the Ninth Wave Studio on the August 3rd Art Hop. Artists included:

Mary Hatch, Beth Purdy, Lorrie Grainger Abdo, Linda Rzoska, Melissa Al-Azzawi, Merry Pertroski, Kim Shaw, Justin Bernhardt, Sally Padley, Michael Dunn, Karen French, Honore Lee, Mindi Bagnall, Jeff Evergreen, Don VanAuken, and Angela Olson.

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Center for New Media, November 2nd Art Hop

My exhibit “VIRIDITAS” opened on Friday, November 2, 2012 in the South Gallery of the Center for New Media. The exhibit will be on display throughout the month of November.

The artwork in this exhibit visually displays my personal perception of this “greening power” Hildegard Of Bingen called VIRIDITAS. For me it is a sense of spiritual connection with the life giving force of this universe. In keeping with much of my artwork, it was created to honor all the living things that exist in every aspect of creation and to represent a sense of life with no limitations of space and time, a sharing of spirit, mind and heart, a spiritual recognition and belonging, a joining in an ancient and eternal way.

Artist Statement for VIRIDITAS.



Art Hop 080511: More Photos

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