Leeuwarden, The Netherlands 2013


Newspaper Critique

I participated in a two person exhibit in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands with artist friend Corina Blom. The exhibit was entitled “Trees”. We were fortunate to have two had two newspaper reviews. Below is a translation one of the reviews by Susan van den Berg that appeared in the Leeuwarden Courant on March 22, 2013.

Trees As Patrons

The exhibition “Trees” in It Frysk Skildershus in Leeuwarden shows exactly what the title promises. A lot of trees, but of unprecedented beauty.

The American Linda Rzoska – who wields a fairy like style – names trees as friends of her youth. She speaks timidly about the ‘spiritual connection’ she feels with trees, but she is able to translate this unnameable bond in very authentic images that are as dreamy as they are mysterious.

As a child she used to search refuge in the bark, trunk and branches to escape the world. As an adult (and artist) she still seems to do that, and now she allows us to be witnesses. It makes her part of the exhibit an intimate walk through the forest and a personal acquaintance with different characters, because Rzoska’s trees are guards, patrons and ancient counselors in one.

Totally different is the work of fellow exhibitor Corina Blom from Gorredijk. Trees are approached more like landscapes, or are above all compositional elements that divide an image in vertical pieces. She clearly prefers bare trees and she found her inspiration during her many car rides to or from work (and the other way around), which immediately explains the topographic titles of her paintings. In a few works she is able to show an atmosphere that lifts the whole to a higher plain. But where Rzoska approaches the tree from the inside, Blom mainly shows the outside.

Below are photos taken by the gallery owner, Doet Boersma.