Home Studio: November 24, 2012

I started working in my new space this week, I am very happy with it. Leszek and I will move the remainder of the furniture up this Sunday and will start making the conversion of the old space on the second floor into a gallery. It will make its debut during the January 2013 Art Hop.


Home Studio: Wednesday, November 7, 2012

New staircase to my lofty green retreat


Green Martydom 

“Ireland is unique in religious history for being the only land into which Christianity was introduced without bloodshed. There are no Irish martyrs… And this lack of martyrdom troubled the Irish, to whom a glorious death by violence presented such an exciting finale.. If all Ireland had received Christianity without a fight, the Irish would just have to think up some new form of martyrdom…

The Irish of the late fifth and early sixth centuries soon found a solution, which they called the Green Martyrdom, opposing it to the conventional Red Martyrdom by blood. The Green Martyrs were those who, leaving behind the comforts and pleasures of ordinary human society, retreated to the woods, or to a mountaintop, or to a lonely island… there to study the scriptures and commune with God.” (Cahill)

I think I will become a Green Martyr and retreat to my lofty green studio . . .

Progress continues on the attic expansion of the Ninth Wave Studio. I should be all moved in and functioning in the new space by December. This will allow the large front room on the second floor to become strictly a gallery space. Although I am open to renting it out as studio space to another artist.

New staircase

New staircase

Looking in from the kitchen area

Front area

Looking toward the back

Looking east

The exposed brick of the chimney









Home Studio: November 5, 2012

After twelve years leading the Center for New Media at Kalamazoo Valley Community College first as Lead Instructor, then as Program Coordinator and finally as Chair of the Art and New Media program I decided to step down from my administrative role. My last day as Chair of the department was October 19, 2012 –one day before my 58th birthday. I will continue my teaching role at the Center for New Media as tenured faculty.

I am refocusing the time and effort I spent directed to the responsibilities of leading a post secondary academic unit to the creation and marketing of my artwork. I have restructured my days to include more subject related research, time spent out of doors, and work hours in my studio.

I’m still working on getting that continual “academic administrative” chatter out of the majority of my waking thoughts. It had a hold on me for so long. I’m looking forward to the time when it will be completely quieted and I can once again begin to experience creation with an uncluttered mind.

As fate would have it I was scheduled to have a one-person exhibit for the Kalamazoo November Art Hop. This helped me to focus on the artwork and the preparation of the exhibit and away from this major transition in my working existence. The opening reception was two days ago – and that experience helped even more.


Home Studio: Saturday, February 11, 2012

Yesterday I sent out 8 digital files of artwork to VistaPrint to be imaged on their banner material -this is something new I will be experimenting with. The 8 pieces all had their origin as traditional media pieces, either in graphite or oil pastel/chalk pastel – that was the first stage. All of these pieces (when finished) will be truly “mixed media pieces”. The banner material has a mat finish and I plan on adhering them to wooden panels then adding more traditional material and physical texture.

Below are 6 of the 8 pieces -now, just in their digital state. These are from a series entitled “Illuminated” the are 12″ wide and 16″ tall. Click on the images to enlarge them – they will appear in a slide show format.


Home Studio: Sunday, January 22, 2012

Above is a series of work I call “The Pine Cone’s Story”. I hope to enter this in this year’s KIA Area Show. I have managed to have temporarily misplaced my USB Drive case with all of my USB Drives and my external hard drive and was hoping to transfer this image and one other to my office computer to email them as entries to the show. If fate allows I will find what I need so I will be able to do this. The deadline is tomorrow, January 23rd at 5:00.

On another subject, I have booked my airfare tickets for Amsterdam and looking forward to my travels and studio time on the island of Ameland with my artist friends. This will be the 4th consecutive year I have traveled to The Netherlands to participate in this creative endeavor. This year I have a very clear idea of what I wish to accomplish so I am planning to bring only the art supplies that I will need for what I have in mind. This will help me to “travel light” – which I find a necessity when having to not only travel by air but also travel by train.

I will arrive in Amsterdam on Friday morning, February 24th -then take a train for a 2 hour ride to Leeuwarden. I’ll then walk about a block to Doet Boersma’s Home/Studio/Gallery/School where I will spend the night. Saturday we will meet up with some of the other artists and drive to where a ferry will take us to the island of Ameland. We will meet the rest of the artists there.

Ameland Dunes
Ameland Dunes
Here I am working with traditional media
Our studio space on Ameland

Below is a gallery of images from the group critique of the last evening in Ameland. My pieces are not shown because they were all finished digitally when I returned to my home studio in Kalamazoo.

Two videos of the Ameland 2011 session:

Hannah’s critique on our last night in Ameland

Corinna Drawing at Ameland Studio