Ireland: Thursday, August 1


I haven’t posted since Tuesday and it hasn’t been because I’ve been out adventuring, I have been writing most of the time in my Meadowfield office. Tuesday afternoon I did break away to have lunch with Mary Hawkes-Greene from the Burren College of Art. Mary drove over to Meadowfield at about half past noon to collect me and then drove us to Burren Fine Wine and Food just off the road to Lisdoonvarna as you drive out of Ballyvaughan. Mary and I hadn’t seen each other in at least two years and I was looking forward to getting caught up. I had visited the Burren Fine Wine and Food once before several years ago when Robert Wainwright brought my student group there after a field excursion. I remember buying a very nice bottle of wine.

When Mary and I entered we were warmly greeted by owner, Cathleen Connele and told we could sit anywhere. We chose a table in the corner near a window. The meal was very nice and it was wonderful to be in a relaxing place and to talk with Mary again. I told Mary that this visit (sans students) has made me realize how rich my experiences have been with students here in the Burren. I’m certainly enjoying my stay this three weeks but I’m not having the experience of sharing the history and culture of the Burren with interested minds, and I miss that.

After Mary brought me back to Meadowfield I continued my writing until Breada’s B&B guests started arriving for the evening. I cleared my stuff out of her dining room and moved it back to my upstairs room in order to make room for Breada’s morning breakfast service. The first guest to arrive was a young man named Jacop who was from Germany. Jacop was a Laser Technician and in Ireland for several days on business. Later a couple from France arrived, as did a couple from the U.S. and a couple from Belgium.

I made a sandwich for my dinner then spent the evening in conversation with Jacop, Breada and the couple from Belgium. We talked about education, politics and economics. They all questioned why a segment of the U.S. population is against our country having national health care.

Wednesday morning, after my breakfast of coffee and toast I worked on my writing again. I was expecting Anne Korff to visit in the afternoon to do some iPad work and look at photos of some of the places I had visited when in Cyprus in February. I worked on my writing until Anne arrived around 2:30 or so. Breada kindly gave us tea for our little meeting and after our time working on iPad stuff and discussing Cyprus Anne suggested that we consider planning another walking tour.