Ireland: Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My make-shift office at Meadowfield B&B

My make-shift office at Meadowfield B&B

I spent the majority of the day yesterday writing in my Meadowfield office. The front window of my make-shift office looks out on the field across the road and Cappanawalla Mountain. A refreshing and fragrant breeze comes in the open window.

Later Monday evening I accompanied Breada and her friend, Michael to Greenes Pub for music and the 70th birthday celebration of Sean Tyrrell. Since my last visit to Ballyvaughan in 2011, Greene’s has added an extensive Beer Garden behind their Pub. It is really very nice, with its own bar and many tables and chairs. The music sessions are now held there.

The place was full of people, I think everyone from Ballyvaughan was in attendance. I recognized many people I have met over my many visits to Ballyvaughan. Heavy h’orderves were being served and later we all received a piece of Sean’s birthday cake.

When we walked into the Beer Garden Sean was singing “Sweet Ballyvaughan” and as we walked through the crowd to find our table I heard many people softly singing the words to the song –as was I. Besides celebrating Sean’s 70th birthday this evening was a celebration of 27 years of Sean Tyrrell’s Wednesday night sessions at Green’s Pub. Tonight Sean was accompanied by Fergus Feely, and a rather new fellow (at least to me) on the fiddle, Liam Lewis. There were also guest musicians and singers that stepped up to play and sing with Sean –the well known Chris Droney played his concertina and Marion Linnane sang “The Bold Fenian Men“.

SeanTyrrell CD

There was a CD for sale to commemorate this occasion which I purchased. The following was printed inside the CD cover:

“For those of us lucky enough to have crossed the threshold of Greene’s in the mid eighties this CD will spark many magical memories. Without ever knowing it we were part of something unique, devoid of commercial aspiration but far beyond that there was a generosity of spirit. A pub, the same as any other building, is only made of bricks and mortar but it was Geraldine and Marie who set Greene’s apart. Close your eyes and you will hear Pakie Vaughan shout “love your eyes” followed by Marie promptly putting him in his place. Martin Carey in the corner with a twinkle in his eye and Beanie holding court with The Donegal Artist. You could hear a pin drop while the singer sang his song overseen by Marion, the fountain of musical knowledge, sitting quietly by the back door.”

I don’t remember meeting ever meeting Geraldine and she has passed away now but I recognized her in a photo of her that hung in Greene’s Pub several years ago. I do know Marie Clancy, Martin Carey, Marion Linnane and Beanie. I’ve enjoyed so many music session’s at Greene’s over the years and when Marie is present it is true you can year a pin drop when the singer sings his song for she strongly shushes everyone who is being unknowingly rude by trying to continue a conversation when the song starts.