Ireland Visit 2015

Thursday, August 13, 2015


By doing these studies I’m learning more about the form of the landscape and how the sunlight works with the form of the earth, water and sky to create a presence. I have witnessed a complete change in the look and presence of a landscape when the light changes. It is as if the mood of the landscape changes when the light is falling on it in different ways.


Later today I will pack what I need for my week’s stay in Connemara. I will pack only a small backpack and shoulder travel bag. In it will be my studio clothes, art supplies and a few personal items. I will leave the rest behind at Meadowfield. I am in wonder that I will be spending a week in a little cottage in Connemara by myself. Only me and the landscape. The following is what John O’Donohue said about the Connemara landscape in an August 2000 radio series “This Place Speaks to Me”:

“I wasn’t born here in Connemara but I have lived here a long time and I really find the landscape an incredible presence, a companion in my life. People often think of the Connemara landscape as very lonesome. I live in a little cottage down here, and in some strange way you are never lonesome here, because if you look out the window, there is the constant drama of the landscape unfolding before you in the different light that is always at play here. I have never known a landscape that is as dependent on light as the Connemara landscape. When the light is here the whole place is luminous and really alive with such subtlety of color. When the light goes the landscape is so eerie and in the grip of gravity.”