Ireland Visit 2015

Saturday, August 22, 2015

The view that bid me farewell . . .

The view that bid me farewell . . .

I woke early and packed up my remaining belongings in preparation of my trip back to Ballyvaughan via Galway. Anna was to come to give me a lift with my bags into the village so I could catch the 11:05 Citylink bus. As I was waiting for her to arrive I spent my time doing a little reading – once when I looked up I saw a beautiful bright rainbow over my mountain. I rushed to get my iPhone and went outside to get a photo. The rainbow had faded by the time I was able to photograph it -but I was able to get a hint of it.

When Anna arrived she drove me the short way to the village of Letterfrack so I didn’t have to carry my bulky bags on the narrow highly traveled road. This was something I really appreciated. There was a young couple with very large backpacks waiting for the bus – they were having a lively conversation in German. There were two others, two men – one in his twenties smoking cigarettes and a man older than myself. The older gentlemen spoke to me about being happy about the warm sunshine and how lovely the wildflowers were near to where we were waiting.

The bus stop was near the entrance to the Galway & Mayo Institute of Technology (GMIT) school of furniture design. The main building of the school was originally the manor house of James and Mary Ellis and after that the Letterfrack Industrial School – both of which I wrote about in my post of August 20th.

Manor House of James and Mary Ellis

Manor House of James and Mary Ellis

The bus arrived on time and our first stop was Clifton. We had a half-hour layover so the bus driver could have his lunch – which he ate on the bus. Some of the passengers got off the bus to explore during the layover. I stayed on the bus and was thankful that I did for many new passengers got on after the bus driver’s break -taking over the seats that the first passengers had claimed for themselves. It was a beautiful day to drive back through Connemara to Galway. I took advantage of my window seat by taking some photographs of the landscape as we traveled.




The sun was shinning in Galway when we arrived shortly before 2:00 pm. I walked the short distance from the Citylink bus station to the Bus Eireann station – I was unexpectedly surprised to find that a bus was leaving for Ballyvaughan at 3:00 pm (I had expected that I would have to wait until 6:00). This gave me just enough time to visit a nearby ATM for more Euros so I could pay Breada for my B&B stay for the next week and pay Thomas for taking me to Shannon airport on the upcoming Thursday.

I boarded the bus a little before 3:00 – the bus ride through the Burren was a pleasant one. When I got off the bus in Ballyvaughan it was raining a little – I put the hood up on my jacket and walked the short way to Meadowfield. When I arrived Breada, Michael and two of their guests were in the sitting room conversing around the fire – I was invited to join them. After I put my bags in my room and dried off a bit I went back and took a seat by the nice warm fire. The guests (Jim and Sandy) were from Florida and I think some sort of relation to Breada (via Boston – maybe) although they had never known about each other. We had a very nice conversation and somehow along the way got on the topic of art – they related that the woman, Sandy, had been sitting next to Andrew Wyeth during some kind of dinner function in relation to Jim’s place of business. As it turned out they had met and talked with him more than once.

I had my dinner at Logue’s Lodge – when I returned Breada and Michael were in the sitting room by the fire and asked if I would like a glass of wine -I replied in the affirmative. I went to my room to put my coat away and when I returned to the sitting room there in front of a chair by the fire was a an opened bottle of red wine and a crystal wine glass.