Ireland Visit 2015

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Rainy day work . . .

Rainy day work . . .

After a few hours of morning sunshine it decided to rain a hard rain for most of the day. Since I would get completely soaked if I went out walking Breada graciously suggested that I set up a painting work space in her dining room. I spent most of the day experimenting with trying to discover a color palette that would morph my “Corona” looking seascape into an Irish looking seascape.

I stopped a few times to talk with a few of Meadowfield’s B&B visitors. So many people visiting here to explore the Burren landscape – it is inspiring to know that others find this landscape fascinating.

By 6:30 p.m. the hard rain had turned into a soft misty rain. I walked into the village to find an evening meal. The first two village restaurant I stopped at were full so I walked on near the seaside to a restaurant known as Monk’s. I thought I was in luck for there was a small table near a window that had a view of the sea. Then I noticed the table had a ‘reserved’ sign on it. When I asked for a table for one – I was given the reserved table (sound like something from the Twilight Zone doesn’t it?).  I ordered a glass of wine and my meal -then enjoyed reading the short story “The Dream” by Sheridan Le Fanu from a book I brought along while I waited for my meal.

Afterward I walked out on the Ballyvaughan pier and took this photo before I headed back to Meadowfield.

Cappanawalla Mountain

A misty Cappanawalla Mountain . . .