Ireland Visit 2015

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Getting closer to an Irish landscape color palette . . .

Getting closer to an Irish landscape color palette . . .

I spent most of the day working in my Meadowfield workspace. Two other artists joined me today at Meadowfield, Lorraine and Trevor. They will be staying at Meadowfield for a week while they teach workshops for the Burren College of Art. I am looking forward to getting to know them.

Besides doing artwork I’m reading Irish poetry and some short stories. I discovered the Irish contemporary poet, Moya Cannon during my 2009 sabbatical – she, P.J. Curtis and John O’Donohue all manage to say in poetry what I try to convey in my artwork. I will be sharing their work on my blog.


by Moya Cannon from “Carrying the Songs”

Thrist In The Burren


No ground or floor

is as kind to the human step

as the rain-cut flags

of these white hills.


Porous as skin

limestone resounds sea-deep, time-deep,

yet, in places, rainwater has worn it thin

as a fishes fin.


From funnels and clefts

ferns arch their soft heads.


A headland full of water, dry as bone,

with only thirst as a diviner,

thirst of the inscrutable fern

and the human thirst

that beats upon a stone.

Around 6:30 I was finished working for the day and walked the short way into the village to Logue’s Lodge for dinner. I sat at one of my usual spots and the manager, Michael came by to welcome me back and to ask for my order. After I ate I walked down to the seaside.