Ireland Visit 2015

Friday, August 14, 2015

Mountains of the Burren from the Bus, Photo1

Mountains of the Burren from the Bus, Photo 1

Today was a ‘transition day’. I moved out of Meadowfield in Ballyvaughan and traveled by bus to the city of Galway where I will spend the night before my travels to Connemara. I started my morning by packing my art supplies, studio clothes and toiletries into my backpack and an “over the shoulder” bag. Breada was thoughtful enough to give me some travel sized shampoo and body wash so I wouldn’t have to pack my bigger bottles. The balance of my clothes and other stuff was put into my suitcase and stored away at Meadowfield until I return in a week’s time.

The bus was scheduled to arrive at 2:00 so I walked to the bus stop to wait. The bus was almost an hour late (that’s not unusual for this part of Ireland). Because the bus stop is in front of Ballyvaughan’s grocery store many people were coming and going. I saw Marie who is the proprietor of Greene’s Bar in Ballyvaughan. She sat down next to me and we chatted a while. She told me that business has not been very good for Greene’s this summer. I have to remember to ask Breada if she has any idea why, there seems to be enough tourists coming through.

Finally the bus arrived very close to 3:00 and we rode through the Burren into the County of Galway. I had taken two Dramamine before the bus ride for I am prone to motion sickness. Less that a mile into our journey I took another for I was feeling a little nauseous. I soon recovered and shot a couple photos of the Burren Mountains as we rode along.


Mountains of the Burren from the Bus, Photo 2

When we arrived in Galway my first thing to do was visit an ATM machine and second find my way to the B&B where I was booked for the night. To my surprise and relief the B&B was less than 2 blocks from the bus station. When I arrived I rang the doorbell and was greeted by the owner, Mary. She took me upstairs to see my room, give me my key and tell me about breakfast and WIFI.

59 Forester Court, my Galway B&B

59 Forester Court, my Galway B&B